Starting a Business

Cutting Barriers, Creating Interfaces for Business Registration

Deal with Construction Permits

Fewer days, Fewer processes to get Permits

Registration of Property

Online registries, Easy to pay Registration Fees and Low Taxes.

Getting Electricity

Application process & getting New Connections made easy

Paying Taxes

Tax Payment Procedures being Simplified, Number of Taxes being Reduced

Enforcing Contracts

Quicker and Easier than ever before

Key Objectives of Doing Business Reforms In Sindh

Improve the investment climate in Sindh & make Sindh an investment hub for domestic and foreign investors

Reduction in the time, cost and procedures of doing business

Encouraging use of automation in doing business procedures & processes

Improve overall business regulatory environment of the province

Register Your Business Online

Now you can avoid painstaking trips to various departments & paper-based documentation and register your business online

Track Property Deeds

Now you can track your property easily through BOR System.

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