Dealing with Construction Permits

Dealing with Construction relates to procedures, time and cost to build a warehouse — including obtaining licenses and permits, submitting all required notifications, requesting and receiving all necessary inspections and obtaining utility connections.

In addition, the dealing with construction indicators measure the building quality control index, evaluating the quality of building regulations, the strength of quality control and safety mechanisms, liability and insurance regimes and professional certification requirements.

These services are spearheaded by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA).

In recent months, the Sindh government has undertaken several business reforms through government agencies like the Sindh Environment Protection Agency, the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board and the Sindh Building Control Authority, to ease up the process of dealing with construction permits. These are:

Sindh Building Control Authority

  1. SBCA has reduced time to grant construction permits from 60 to 30 days and for completion certificates from 45 to 30 days.
  2. It has also exempted Floor Certificate & 3 NOCs from Excise & Taxation, KWSB & SEPA.

Karachi Water & Sewerage Board

  1. KWSB has reduced timeframe for commercial connections from 61 to 21 days.
  2. It has also relaxed the requirement of PT-1 Form for new applications.

Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

  1. SEPA has de-notified the requirement for environmental approval for nine (9) projects.
  2. It has also reduced the process for Environmental Checklists from 30 to 15 days.


Letter confirming Land Title can be obtained from the relevant Land Owning Agency

Category-I includes the following Buildings: Files/Amend 02 To 18/R AM 02 Feb 2018.pdf

  • Bungalow on plot up to 399 Sq.yds (333.6 Sq.m) having habitable two floors i.e. G+1 floor.
  • Any other building on plot up to 120 Sq.yds. (100.33 Sq.m) with height up to 33ft.(10m)
  • Any non-obnoxious warehouse having height up to 35ft. and/or having an area of a plot up to 1100 yds. (919 Sq. m.)

Application form ZP-I duly filled and attested by the Licensed Professional has to be submitted at SBCA Public Counter along with the documents as listed below:

1. Demolition Permission in case of old structure & existing at site.
2. ZP-I Form
3. ZP-II Form (Undertaking)
4. CNIC Copy (Owner/ Attorney)
5. Two Passport Size Pictures (Owner/ Attorney)
6. Current Pictures of Site
7. Allotment Order
8. Possession Order
9. Acknowledgement of Possession
10. Lease Deed
11. Mutation/ Transfer Order
12. Site Plan
13. Forwarding Letter from Concerned Authority/ Lessor
14. Eight Sets of Drawing

No, NOC from Water Board and SEPA is not required for Category-I Buildings.

Upon completion of plinth and in the case of basements, upon the completion of foundations, you shall give notice to the Authority on prescribed form (ZP-4), and shall not proceed further with the work for a period of 15 days from the date of receipt.

Every person who carries out and completes building works approved under these Regulations shall within one month of the completion of the works deliver to the Authority at its office, in writing notice of Completion/Occupancy on the prescribed form (ZP-7) duly signed by the relevant Professional. After receipt of this notice, SBCA inspects the building to verify that it has been built according to the approved plan. SBCA issues Completion Certificate/ Occupancy Permit within 30 days.