Paying Taxes

Paying taxes indicator records the taxes and mandatory contributions that a company must pay or withhold in a given year, as well as the administrative burden of paying taxes and contributions.

The following taxes, duties and contributions are collected provincially:

  • Social Security Contributions (SESSI) (12 payments)
  • Education Cess (SESSI) (1 payment)
  • Property Tax (Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control) (1 payment)
  • Vehicle Tax (Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control) (1 payment)
  • Stamp duty (Board of Revenue) (1 payment)

Automation of Social Security Contributions

SESSI intends to automate its entire contribution and benefits system through a Contributions and Benefits Portal. Using this portal Contributors will be able to save their time by submitting their payments online using this portal.

  • Simplified Procedures
  • No more Processing Delays
  • No More Department Visits
  • SMS & Email Alerts

The Portal will be launched by the end of March 2019.