The Government of Sindh (GoS) is committed to making the province an easy and competitive investment hub in Pakistan. With technical support and assistance from the World Bank, the Government of Sindh is pursuing a reform agenda to facilitate ease of business in the province.
The effort is spearheaded by the Investment Department of Sindh that works to promote investment in all sectors of the economy, facilitate local and foreign investors in speedy materialization of their projects, enhance Sindh’s international competitiveness, and contribute to economic and social development.
A recent MILESTONE ACHIEVEMENT is the launch of the “Sindh Business Registration Portal” on 20 th February 2019. Now any new business in Sindh can easily be registered online quickly, saving visits to multiple departments for paper-based documentation.

The aim is to bring together initiatives and action on reforms, as taken by multiple provincial departments and agencies, geared to facilitate ease of doing business in the province.
The Government of Sindh has also established the Sindh Economic Zones Management Company (SEZMC) in August 2018 to facilitate developers, zone enterprises and investors in dealing with federal and provincial government authorities for matters related to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Sindh. The company will provide a one-window solution for investors under the SEZ framework in Sindh.

While aiming to improve the business environment of the province, the Doing Business reform agenda also seeks to improve Pakistan’s ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business benchmarks. An annual survey – based on the World Bank indices that evaluate 190 economies for their ease of business reforms and business friendly environment – requires respondents from the business community to rank their countries. Based on the survey, the World Bank releases its flagship annual report on Ease of Doing Business.
This year, Pakistan improved its ranking by 11 points, moving from 147th to 136th position in the ‘Doing Business Report’.
In Pakistan, the report surveys the investment situation in leading commercial cities. Karachi’s contribution to Pakistan’s ranking is 65 per cent; Lahore’s is 35 per cent. Karachi has a special significance for the quality of business environment in Pakistan. Reforms to improve business environment with an objective to transform Karachi as an easy, competitive and business friendly city in Pakistan, and in the region, are continual.

The 100-Days Sprints of DB reforms in Sindh are part of a larger action plan supported by the World Bank to help implement these business reforms at the federal and provincial level. After successfully completing Sprints I, II & III, we are currently pursuing Sprint IV.